Review of the film “The Beekeeper”

The genre of “action with Jason Statham” stands out not only against the backdrop of other films but also among colleagues in the action genre. Perhaps it’s the British charm of the actor that allows him to shine with sparks of intelligence even in the most brutal roles. It has become a tradition for Statham to explore various professions in his films. Probably, there’s no need to explain what activity he undertakes in the story titled “The Beekeeper.” However, let’s dive into the film itself in our review.

“The Beekeeper”
Genre: Action
Director: David Ayer
Starring: Jason Statham, Jeremy Irons, Josh Hutcherson, Emmy Raver-Lampman, Bobby Naderi, Phyllis Rashad
Premiere: Theaters
Year of release: 2024
IMDb: 6.7

The Beekeeper
The Beekeeper

Adam Clay (Jason Statham), a man fascinated by beekeeping in a shed provided by his acquaintance Eloise (Phyllis Rashad). Beekeeping is Adam’s sole occupation, and he dedicates his life to it. However, everything changes when Eloise becomes a victim of a large-scale fraudulent network, leading to extremely tragic consequences. Clay decides to punish the culprits who successfully avoid the legal system on his own. His skills from his previous job come in handy, as Adam is one of the elite operatives worldwide, a name that instills fear.

The film is directed by David Ayer, known for “Bright” with Will Smith, “Fury” with Brad Pitt, and the first adaptation of “Suicide Squad,” not to mention it. Ayer knows how to shoot good, even great action films. However, his main rule is not to delve into the depths of setting, lore, and other attempts to capture more than can be swallowed. Otherwise, the entire structure of his works simply falls apart.

“The Beekeeper” is a case where less means more. The film doesn’t try to build something grand and pompous, even though there are some hints leading nowhere. It sticks to hints, allowing you to fully enjoy the show presented by Jason Statham’s character.

Statham also served as a producer for the film, so he certainly had some degree of control over the production. Perhaps that’s why there is so much self-mockery of the main character in the movie. Everyone is afraid of Clay, yet he adheres to a high moral code and a clear sense of justice. He is practically a saint who can also give you a jar of honey.

However, when it comes to battles, Clay is not merciful. The action in the film is captivating and vivid, yet not overly extravagant. It may not reach the grounded nature of “The Raid” and “John Wick,” but it doesn’t prioritize style over all other elements like Daniel Craig’s James Bond. The film’s production team found a golden mean in their approach to fights, explosions, and violence in general. Therefore, the film is a pleasant watch solely for this element.

It also contains other interesting ideas, cleverly hidden within the plot. The story explores fraudulent schemes based on deceiving trusting individuals. Legal methods are almost impossible to use against them. These schemes are later used to finance more extensive operations that can affect an entire country—or even the world.

“The Beekeeper” highlights intriguing concepts that are highly relevant in the real world. However, the film never forgets its main purpose—to delight you with how Statham overcomes all adversities. This prevents the script from delving into unnecessary moralizing and attempts to evoke deep thoughts. Everything is simple, clear, accessible—and therefore wonderful.

However, some obvious morals in the film do surface, related to Clay’s fascination with bees. He and other characters regularly draw parallels between civilization and a beehive. Frankly, it sounds naive and silly. At times, it’s even too much, making a serious scene accompanied by laughter from the audience in the theater. You may consider it part of the film’s atmosphere, for which Ayer seems to have finally accepted that all his attempts at something serious end with a similar result. And now he just intends to bring positivity to people.

Additionally, the film incorporates several plotlines, each with its accents and moods. They intertwine neatly, revealing the story from different perspectives. This approach allows an already dynamic film to become even more diverse.

“The Beekeeper” generally evokes pleasant emotions. It’s an old-fashioned action film filled with numerous modern elements. The clash of traditions and innovation gives birth to a worthy film.

And yes, after “The Beekeeper,” Statham’s treasure trove of jokes about pompous quotes will certainly see an addition.


“The Beekeeper” is an excellent action film that does justice to both Statham as an actor and Ayer as a director. It follows rules that are only possible in cinema but uses them to the best, turning it from a mere entertainment into something more. Just a bit more, but still.

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