Passenger Plane in Antarctica

The Norwegian Polar Institute (Norsk Polarinstitutt), in collaboration with the Norwegian low-cost carrier Norse Atlantic Airways, has opened a new chapter in the history of Antarctic aviation. For the first time, a wide-bodied passenger plane, the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, landed at the Norwegian ice airstrip Troll, arriving from Oslo via Cape Town. On board were 45 specialists from various countries, including Norwegian scientists who arrived at their research station located 7 km from the airstrip. Additionally, the Boeing, named Everglades, brought 12 tons of essential cargo for the polar researchers.

Boeing-787 Dreamliner Norse Atlantic Airways
Boeing-787 Dreamliner Norse Atlantic Airways

Those who organized this flight consider the Dreamliner the ideal aircraft for such a mission, as its fuel efficiency allows for round-trip flights between Cape Town and Antarctica without refueling at the airstrip, significantly simplifying logistics by eliminating the need to transport additional fuel to the airstrip.

The Boeing 787 Dreamliner became the largest passenger plane to land in Antarctica. Norse Atlantic Airways, the low-cost carrier, is the youngest Norwegian airline, being around two years old. It operates a fleet of 15 Dreamliner aircraft and conducts flights from Europe to America.

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