Cities in the Amazon Forest

Archaeologists have discovered ancient clusters of lost cities in the tropical forests of the Amazon, where people lived 2,000 years ago. They published their findings in the scientific journal Science.

Today, only roads and earthen mounds remain from the cities. The area where they are located was identified 20 years ago, but due to the geographical features of the Amazon, it was impossible to determine that these objects were ancient cities.

To uncover the true nature of these mounds, scientists conducted mapping using laser sensing technology. As a result, they determined that the roads connected a network of settlements with residential and ceremonial structures, large agricultural fields, and drainage channels.

According to archaeologists, these cities were inhabited by representatives of the ancient Upano people, who lived in the territory of modern Ecuador from 500 BC to the 3rd-4th centuries AD. Preliminary estimates suggest their population ranged from 10,000 to 30,000 individuals.

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