Preparing Ethiopian T’ej

Note for the hostesses. Preparing Ethiopian T’ej – Traditional Ethiopian Honey Wine.

So, we head to the coffee grove. There, we find the geisha. But not the Japanese girl you all thought of, but the coffee tree geisha.

T'ej - Traditional Ethiopian Honey Wine
T’ej – Traditional Ethiopian Honey Wine

We cut its roots, branches, and leaves. Set them aside. We go to another tree. For honey that “grows” in traditional Ethiopian round beehives, hanging on trees – borts. We mix honey with the roots, branches, and leaves of the geisha, add spices and hops for bitterness, and let it ferment with wild yeast.

If you don’t rush and don’t drink it right away, the drink will steep and acquire a decent degree, masked by the sweet taste of honey. Wait until the necessary number of days passes, and voila – T’ej is ready!

At the tasting, you won’t have time to look around before you’ve already had your fill. Enjoy!

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