WordPress 6.5, what new?

WordPress 6.5: Enhancing Your Site-Building Experience

WordPress, the leading platform for website creation and management, is gearing up for its next major release, WordPress 6.5. With the recent unveiling of WordPress 6.5 Beta 1, users and developers alike are getting a sneak peek into the exciting features and improvements that this version will bring to the table. Let’s delve into what WordPress 6.5 has in store.

Beta Testing and Release Schedule

WordPress 6.5 Beta 1 is now available for download and testing. However, it’s essential to note that beta versions are still under development, so they should not be deployed on live websites. Instead, users are encouraged to evaluate Beta 1 on test servers or sites to provide feedback and identify any issues.

There are several ways to test WordPress 6.5 Beta 1, including using the WordPress Beta Tester plugin, direct download, command-line installation with WP-CLI, or utilizing the WordPress Playground instance for browser-based testing. The final release of WordPress 6.5 is slated for March 26, 2024.

WordPress 6.5
WordPress 6.5

Key Features and Enhancements

WordPress 6.5 promises a plethora of new features and enhancements aimed at improving the site-building experience for users and developers alike. Here are some highlights:

  1. Font Library: A long-awaited addition, the Font Library empowers users to manage fonts across their sites effortlessly, akin to handling assets in the Media Library. This feature allows for the installation of local fonts or integration with Google Fonts, providing greater flexibility in typography choices.
  2. Synced Patterns Upgrades: Synced patterns, which streamline the design process by allowing global changes to layouts, receive enhancements in WordPress 6.5. Users can now override content within specific instances of synced patterns, offering more flexibility while maintaining consistent design elements.
  3. Block Bindings API: WordPress 6.5 introduces the Block Bindings API, enabling the connection of core block attributes to custom fields. This capability allows for dynamic content integration without the need for custom blocks, opening up possibilities for more versatile content management.
  4. Interactivity API: Building on the lightbox feature introduced in WordPress 6.4, the Interactivity API makes its way into Core in 6.5. This framework simplifies the incorporation of interactive experiences into blocks, enhancing user engagement without sacrificing performance.
  5. Style Revisions: Style revisions in the Site Editor receive a makeover in WordPress 6.5, offering a more detailed view of design changes over time. With improved tracking and visualization, users can better manage and review revisions to their site’s styles.
  6. Classic Theme Support: While Block themes continue to evolve, WordPress 6.5 ensures that Classic themes can opt into appearance tools, providing users with enhanced design options even without utilizing theme.json.
  7. Performance and Accessibility Improvements: WordPress 6.5 boasts over 110 performance-related updates, resulting in faster loading times and improved efficiency across the editing experience. Additionally, more than 65 accessibility updates have been implemented to ensure a highly accessible platform for all users.


With WordPress 6.5 on the horizon, users can anticipate a host of new features and improvements aimed at enhancing the site-building experience. From streamlined typography management to advanced block customization capabilities, WordPress continues to evolve as the go-to platform for creating impactful websites. As the release date approaches, users are encouraged to participate in beta testing to ensure a stable and polished final product. Stay tuned for more updates and insights as WordPress 6.5 prepares to make its debut.

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