The Ukrainian Antarctic Station

The Ukrainian Antarctic Station is located on Cape Marina, Galindez Island, about seven kilometers from the western coast of the Antarctic Peninsula, and operates year-round as a meteorological and geographical observatory.

On February 5, 1996, Ukraine acquired this facility for a symbolic payment of 1 pound sterling in the United Kingdom. It was renamed in honor of the first president of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Academician Vernadsky.

Ukraine Station Vernadsky
Ukraine Station

Continental scientific research is conducted at the Antarctic station, which is currently part of the State Targeted Scientific and Technical Program for Antarctic Research. According to the document, the scientific team at the station conducts fundamental and applied research in Antarctica and fulfills international agreements signed by Ukraine.

On the premises of “Academician Vernadsky,” there are 2 modules made of non-magnetic material with magnetometers, an aerological pavilion (also used as a garage for four snowmobiles), a laboratory building, an old generator building with two refrigerators housing a carpentry workshop, and an emergency base building adapted for antenna storage and food supplies.

About 9 km from the facility, a small emergency base building called the “Rasmussen Hut” was constructed in 1984.

The power source at the station consists of three diesel generators (Broadcrown/Volvo-Penta) with a capacity of 100 kW each. During expedition changes, the station can accommodate up to 24 people, with a wintering staff of 10 individuals.

Every January and February, groups of affluent and curious Antarctic tourists visit Vernadsky Station on small yachts. It attracts wealthier individuals due to the considerable cost involved.

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